Meeting February 22, 2017

Members Present: Chris Collins, Travis Kempf, Brad Marcks, Shane Winter, James Shelby, Renee Shelby, Robin Wassman, Jeff Hudnell, Ted Foley, Mickey Havener, Erin Jones, and Tony Jayamanne


  • March 7th is the business expo
  • We need to put a basket together for the expo so bring something from your company if you would like to participate.
  • Next week is a business meeting we will have no presenter, make sure you attend so your voice can be heard regarding any changes.
  • YOHO March 2nd talk to Travis or see Facebook for more details.

Speaker: James and Renee Shelby with Shelby’s Watch/Shelby’s Security

James and Renee are happy to announce they are expanding to include security services.  Now they have a way to continue helping their clients who need the security for their homes while away but they can also help business owners during or outside of business hours.  Contact James and Renee directly for more information.