Members Present:

Karl Swope

Travis Kempf

Erin Jones

Robin Wassman

Chris Collins

Nathan Anderson

Shane Winter

Sue Riley

Mickey Havener

Ted Foley

Tony Jayamanne


Guest: Stephanie Maassen – with Gold Leaf Therapeutic Massage

Stephanie focuses on prenatal massage with options positioning being face down or on the side.  She graduated in August and is just getting her business going.  She is located at 510 E Green Meadows Rd Ste 201, Columbia, MO 65201.  Call 573-240-0005 for an appointment.

Speaker: Dr Erin Jones with Season of Health Chiropractic

Dr Erin gave us information of how she got started, about her office, and her education background, if you haven’t heard her story you should schedule a meeting with her.

She emphasized how her business is focused on family care and she is certified in prenatal and pediatric care.  The stories she shared for pediatric care were especially interesting. To learn more visit or call today for an appointment and make sure to take advantage of the specials she is running February 13th and 15th.