Meeting July 13, 2016

Members Present

President – Travis Kempf – Crane and Crane Real Estate –

Vice President – Merry Ellen – Nate’s Computer Repair –

Secretary – Robin Wassman – Wassman CPA Services LLC –

Meeting Manager – Ted Foley – Foley Custom Cabinets –

Chris Collins – Top Drawer Custom, LLC –

Mickey Havener – Send Out Cards –

Jeff Hudnell – Voya Financial Advisors Inc. –

Tony Jayamanne – Juice Plus and The Tower Garden –

James and Renee Shelby – Shelby’s Watch –

Guest – Nathan Anderson – First Midwest Bank – Commercial and Business Loans


tonyjSpeaker-Tony Jayamanne – Juice Plus and The Tower Garden

Tony has been using Juice Plus since 1993 when he moved to the Midwest.  He was consistently having ear infections averaging about 2 a month.  His mother started him using Juice Plus with huge improvements after 8 months.  Since then he has had 3 infections.  Unlike antibiotics that are normally the solution for these types of infection Juice Plus helps to boost your immune system to let your body fight off the infections, in addition to all the other great benefits your body gets from having the fruits and vegetables it needs.

Tony has been selling Juice Plus for almost 5 years and today introduced us to his new website,  The website give lots of information not only about Juice Plus but also general health suggestions and information on the Tower Garden. tower garden 1

Juice Plus is made from whole food and you can find the ingredients at  In addition the website also gives details about how Juice Plus purchases the produce and how it is preserved at

One of the ways Juice Plus sets itself apart is because they do no use sponsors or promotions their goal is for the science to speak for them.  There have been multiple studies performed by several Universities and other third parties that can be found on the website as well.  Another thing that sets Juice Plus apart is they use the produce in such a manner that their capsules actually have a nutrition label, this means they whole foods they start with are still considered food when they have completed the process of making them into powders and putting them in capsules.
Juice Plus 1If you are interested in Juice Plus and would like to look at options for yourself or your family talk to Tony about the options available and the children’s study that allows you to get Juice Plus for kids free.

Tony then switched the discussion to the Tower Garden.  He explained the Tower Garden is an aeroponic growing system, so it grows fruits and vegetables without soil.  It can grow most anything that is not a root based produce or a tree.  The Tower Garden Company is working closely with the Boys and Girls Clubs in order to provide a tower at each of the centers.  If you would like to learn more about the Tower Garden visit or talk to Tony.


  • Boone County Fair is July 16-23 visit for more information.
  • July 26th Send Out Cards and How they can help your business – meeting at Boone Landing at 5:30 for dinner with program following at 6:15
  • June 29th Branding Class available at Nate’s Computer Repair sign up at


  • We need to continue to grow our membership.  If you have somebody you do business with on a regular basis ask them to come visit.  Businesses that have a common interest are easier to give referrals to and get referrals from.
  • Also if you can think of anybody that might want to give presentations to the group let’s see if we can get people interested in joining by allowing them to promote their business during the first meeting they come to by giving a presentation. This allows us to know more about them and maybe by our questions and interest it will help to encourage them to join.
  • Please review your profile at and let us know if it needs to be updated. Also we are happy to update photos or add photos for anybody that would like to do that as well.  If this is something you would like to do please contact Merry Ellen or Robin Wassman.

Leads/Referrals:  We had 1 lead, 2 MOMs, and 2 Kudos.  Great job this week on getting our members names out, keep it up!

Speaker Schedule

  • 7/20/16 Travis Kempf
  • 7/27/16 Karl Swope