Meeting July 20, 2016

Members Present

President – Travis Kempf – Crane and Crane Real Estate –

Treasurer – Brad Marcks – AAA Auto Club

Secretary – Robin Wassman – Wassman CPA Services LLC –

Chris Collins – Top Drawer Custom, LLC –

Mickey Havener – Send Out Cards –

Jeff Hudnell – Voya Financial Advisors Inc. –

Tony Jayamanne – Juice Plus and The Tower Garden –

Angel Roberts – Comma Et Cetera LLC –

Karl Swope – Trigger Point Therapy


Guest – Nathan Anderson – First Midwest Bank – Commercial and Business Loans


Travis KempfSpeaker – Travis Kempf – Crane and Crane Real Estate

Travis Kempf was born and raised in Boone County and has lived in Columbia and Sturgeon the majority of his live.  Throughout school and work he has been able to meet with and get to know many people living in Boone County in both Columbia and the more rural areas, which has helped him to not only in the real estate business but also in the referral area.  He has been able to help many home owners find help for various issues with their homes because of those many contacts.  This has help many of us in the Show-Me Business Network as well as many of his clients.

Travis started in business looking to be a financial advisor but soon realized that wasn’t really the direction he wanted his career to go.  He started working as a loan officer during which he took the time to get his real estate license.  Primarily he was planning to use his license to help him and his brothers to invest in real estate.  However, once he received his licensed there started to be so much of a demand that he had to choose between loan officer and real estate agent.  He decided in January of 2003 to focus 100% on real estate.   Since then he has been helping people buy and sell homes, land, and commercial property in and around Boone County.  In addition he has continued to invest in real estate adding to the number of rental properties he owns and maintains.  One of the driving forces in his success is that Central Missouri offers affordable housing.  While Boone County has went up in the cost of purchasing homes compared to other counties with cities comparable to Columbia the homes are still affordable.

Travis works as an agent with Crane and Crane.  Crane and Crane is an agency known for their sale of properties with acres.  However they have been growing in other areas such as homes inside city limits and commercial properties.  At this time they have brought on a couple of agents in Sturgeon and Ashland that have managed to pick up several listings in those areas.

Travis then switched focus and gave us some information on home warranties.  There is a company they are working with now that will provide home warranties for around $400 this will cover the purchaser for up to a year from the date of closing and also provides coverage to the seller during the listing period.  Because the premiums are not due until closing there has to be some paperwork put in place at the time of listing for it to cover that time period.  The company Travis is working with does not say they will replace items anymore giving purchasers false hope.  Now they will repair or give money towards replacing the items and the purchaser gets to choose their service provider for the work.

home inspectionTravis mentioned in addition to the home warranties being a selling point there are many things you can do to help your home to sell when you are at that point.  These items include such things as: radon inspections – you can pick up a tester at Home Depot to send off for free; Termite Inspection; and well testing that can be performed by the Health Department.  In addition it is wise if you have a lagoon or septic system to have it checked and to make sure it falls in line with home inspection requirements during the time you own the house.  If you have to do work it is easier to spread that cost over the time you own it as opposed to meeting demands at the time you sell it.  Many purchasers right now are looking for turnkey homes so the more you can do to your home to make it ready for somebody to move right in the quicker it will sell.

In addition to all of this great advice Travis can give a seller he can also help them to determine the value of their home.  Sometimes it is wise to have an appraisal but other times it is more of comparing to what is selling in your neighborhood.  Travis has that data and can help compare those houses to your home and while appraisals are limited to 3 comparatives Travis can use many more to give you a better idea of how to price your home.

Good leads for Travis include any buyer or seller, 1st time home buyers, investors, land for sale, or office space for lease or sale.Sunglasses

If you would like to visit with Travis you can catch him this Friday at the Boone County Fair in Sturgeon.  Crane and Crane is one of the sponsors of the fair and will have a booth set up to inform people of what they do and give away some promotional items such as the Crane and Crane – Travis Kempf Sun Glasses he gave us at the meeting today.


  • Boone County Fair is July 16-23 visit for more information.
  • July 26th Send Out Cards and How they can help your business – meeting at Boone Landing at 5:30 for dinner with program following at 6:15
  • June 29th Branding Class available at Nate’s Computer Repair sign up at
  • August 9th R-Pac Auction and Social – contact Travis Kempf for more information.


  • We need to continue to grow our membership.  If you have somebody you do business with on a regular basis ask them to come visit.  Businesses that have a common interest are easier to give referrals to and get referrals from.
  • Travis is looking for a good quality affordable painter.
  • Also if you can think of anybody that might want to give presentations to the group let’s see if we can get people interested in joining by allowing them to promote their business during the first meeting they come to by giving a presentation. This allows us to know more about them and maybe by our questions and interest it will help to encourage them to join.
  • Please review your profile at and let us know if it needs to be updated. Also we are happy to update photos or add photos for anybody that would like to do that as well.  If this is something you would like to do please contact Merry Ellen or Robin Wassman.

Leads/Referrals:  We had 2 referrals, and 1 lead.  Great job this week on getting our members names out, keep it up!

Speaker Schedule

  • 7/27/16 Karl Swope

Have a great week, see you Wednesday!!