Meeting July 27, 2016

Members Present

Vice President – Merry Ellen Meece– Nate’s Computer Repair –

Meeting Manager – Ted Foley – Foley Custom Cabinets –

Chris Collins – Top Drawer Custom, LLC –

Mickey Havener – Send Out Cards –

Jeff Hudnell – Voya Financial Advisors Inc. –

Angel Roberts – Comma Et Cetera LLC –

Karl Swope – Trigger Point Therapy

Dan Basel – Home Helper & Direct Link of Mid-MO –

Guest – Nathan Anderson – First Midwest Bank – Commercial and Business Loans. Nathan put in his application for membership this week!


Karl brings 30 years of chiropractic experience to his trigger point therapy practice. Having suffered chronic back pain himself, he found that trigger point therapy was the only thing that allowed him to live his life unencumbered by pain. Karl brought in his theracanes and showed us how we can use them to self-treat some pain; he also showed us the pressure point between the thumb and index finger & how it can be helpful in self-relieving head & neck pain.

While these are easy tips & tricks you can use to relieve pain yourself, sometimes having another person do (especially someone who knows what they are doing!) can be much more effective, as Karl demonstrated on Ted, using the same pressure point Ted had already used. Dan mentioned that he had a foot pain for a couple of years that doctors were unable to help with, that Karl was able to alleviate after several sessions. I (Merry Ellen) can also attest to the effectiveness of trigger point therapy, as I was having sciatica pain that hasn’t given me any more trouble after a few sessions with Karl.

Thanks for presenting, Karl!


  • Branding Class available at Nate’s Computer Repair rescheduled for August 5th. Sign up at
  • August 9th R-Pac Auction and Social – contact Travis Kempf for more information.


  • We need to continue to grow our membership.  If you have somebody you do business with on a regular basis ask them to come visit.  Businesses that have a common interest are easier to give referrals to and get referrals from.
  • Travis is looking for a good quality affordable painter.
  • Also if you can think of anybody that might want to give presentations to the group let’s see if we can get people interested in joining by allowing them to promote their business during the first meeting they come to by giving a presentation. This allows us to know more about them and maybe by our questions and interest it will help to encourage them to join.
  • Please review your profile at and let us know if it needs to be updated. Also we are happy to update photos or add photos for anybody that would like to do that as well.  If this is something you would like to do please contact Merry Ellen or Robin Wassman.

Have a great week, see you Wednesday!!